About RebornPlas



In the past, as a result of consumption behaviors, massive quantities of plastics, textile products, and leftover materials were transported to incinerators and garbage dumps as waste while some went to the ocean nearshore.

But now, more and more waste becomes renewable resources through recycling technology.

We believe that the waste going to the ocean nearshore can be reduced via progress in recycling technology and changes to the public’s concept of recycling.

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"Looking back, we can say that recycling materials was a passive approach to reduce manufacturing costs.
In contrast, future usage of recycled materials will be an active approach to reduce wastes and promote sustainability within the industry.”

Through the highest quality of products

we change the public's traditional perception of recycled nylon materials and create a new culture that promotes circular economy and co-existence.

We uphold the values for the common good

With recycled ocean waste plastic, our team works hand in hand with our clients and suppliers with cross-disciplinary collaboration to create a blue ocean together.

Brand Story

Established in 2003, the initial stages of RebornPlas is a recycled plastic manufacturer and simply focused on recycling nylon waste to produce recycled pellets. To cope with the ever-changing market, we decided to cross into the composite materials field. Since then, we had engaged in both the raw material pellets and the R&D of nylon composite materials and opened a new page of vertical integration.

We had our doubts, too. We were having doubts on whether to fully commit ourselves to composite materials and give up nylon recycled pellets, which is in fact, an onerous, time-consuming, labor intensive business with difficulties in controlling the quality of material sources and a low profit margin.

In view of number of domestic recycled material producers decreasing, and the fact that the quality of recycled composite materials is determined by the source and quality of raw material pellets, we decided to stay in the field and integrate our extensive experience into our systems and business knowledge; establishing a vertical integration production process, starting from raw material source to the development of composite materials. This has allowed us to enhance the overall stability and reliability of our products.


Service Items

We are dedicated to the classification, application, modification and R&D of recycled nylon materials and meet the demands of the market through our superior quality nylon 6, nylon 66, engineering plastics and composite materials.
Through continuous nylon engineering R&D, thereby enriching the potential of composite materials to meet customers' requirements regarding toughness, elasticity, lightness, ductility, weather resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance and low temperature impact resistance.




RebornPlas named the brand “E-Where” (everywhere) to express the close relationship between nylon plastics and everyday applications. "E-Where” is also the pronunciation of the company’s name in Chinese, thus we chose the initial letters, E and W, as abbreviations of the company’s name, which is in turn used in the design of the brand’s identity.

The oval shape of the logo symbolizes the harmonious spirit of RebornPlas. The simple design of white words on a blue background shows our prudence, reliability, and assurance to others and our plain and simple corporate image within the company.


The “RebornPlas” logo is designed to promote its core technology in nylon recycled pellets and plastic modifying. We offer sustainability and creation of value.

We bestow two meanings to the letter "R." The two-colored, wave-like arc design symbolizes our "cooperation and creation" in working with our partners in creating a nylon plastic recycling system. Also, it shows our determination in transforming and promoting recycling systems for waste resources.

The ring shaped “O” symbolizes the brand core value in transformation to Rebirth and the brand’s leading position in working towards a circular economy. In addition, colors in “mutualism gray” and “earth green” demonstrate RebornPlas’ trait of steady operation, solid management and flexible development.

We uphold the values for the Common Good and contribute to a Circular Economy through the Recycling of Nylon Materials