Beautiful Marine Life, About To Be Reborn Because Of Your Actions

Turn ocean-bound debris into ocean-bound gold, Make glasses from ocean-bound recycled waste fishing net (recycled Nylon 6) ~
For the first time, Rebornplas Composites Co., Ltd and Hibāng (friendly fishing glasses) jointly cooperated in a fundraising video, Looking forward to your joining the ranks of the circular economy of carbon reduction and regeneration!

1. How were the friendly fishing glasses born? / 友漁循環眼鏡是如何誕生的
2. Cleaning classification / 清洗分類
3. Cutting / 裁切
4. Melting / 熔融
5. Recycled nylon plastic pellets / 再生尼龍粒
6. Glasses making / 眼鏡製作
7. Fishing net / 漁網
8. Hope / 希望
9. Product Questionnaire collection, click to join cycle / 產品問卷募集中,點擊加入循環的行列

We uphold the values for the Common Good and contribute to a Circular Economy through the Recycling of Nylon Materials