RebornPlas has received UL ECVP 2809 contain 100% ocean recycled plastics.

The UL 2809 Standard specifically measures the amount of recycled content in products. For the environmental declaration verification developed by UL, a well-known US certification agency, applicants must pass UL's strict production process and recycled material control review before they can obtain the certificate. And the fifth edition was updated to include assessments of the social impacts of collecting pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled materials on local economies, including criteria for ocean and ocean sourced plastics.

After strict material control and traceability inspection, RebornPlas has achieved recycled content validations from UL for two series of our resins(nylon PA 6), which contain 40%~100% recycled content from ocean plastic. The ocean recycled resins certified by UL 2809 for recycled materials are A2030BK series and A2000 series, which are marine waste recycled materials with a nylon ocean waste fishing net content of 40%~100%.

RebornPlas’s validated ocean recycled plastic resins has been used in consumer products such as office furniture, sports glasses, bicycle accessories, and computer accessories, and will play an important role in high-tech industries such as automobiles in the future. It also symbolizes that our team devotes ourselves to being an excellent enterprise and creating a new culture by working hand in hand with our clients and suppliers in promoting circular economy and co-existence.
We uphold the values for the Common Good and contribute to a Circular Economy through the Recycling of Nylon Materials